Zero n Infinity

Zero, nothing, void holds many secrets far beyond to comprehend. This number which has no value at all has infinite worth. Its a “price-less” number.

Zero n Infinity they are two sides of a coin that form a single entity whose value can either be nothing or everything to you. The coins denomination is based on how you perceive it.

Chain Reaction

Ripple in Time Fabric


Ripples created in the time fabric 

Is Set into motion 

Each action; its own consequences 

A start of a chain reaction

The seed implanted; time will one tell 

One thing adds up to another, 

So many outcomes from the road taken 

One final destination from multitudes of paths chosen 


Encapsulated in space and time 

In the Journey of life 

We are never alone 

Many enter, some stay, others leave

Door after door; opened and closed 

Not long ago the entrance was just there  

Can’t turn back the trail has turned cold  

As we look to the past and head for the future

Every beginning has its own ending 

And the end to every beginning creates a new beginning; the never-ending search 

The chain reaction 


Broken Promises

Pinky Swear

Ain’t Promises Mesmerising to hear? It always gets our hopes high! But the word has lost its meaning during the course of time for many.

Some promises, it engulfs our thoughts, crushes our hopes. Captivated we fall straight into a trap. Virtual reigns over reality; surrounded by what appears to be what we want but deep down its not. To get on the good side they are made just to be broken, also breaking something/someone else in the process.

To The Throne


From afar I hear myself being called 

By a feeble yet powerful voice 

“Man or Woman; Rich or Poor; Prince or Peasant; Young or Old 

A strong presence emanates: With Heavy Heart, unbearable pain is borne  

If you are worthy, claim your rightful place”  


In the battlegrounds of life and death 

Bitter truths, Harsh Reality has moulded me into who I am 

With deep wounds and hidden Scars 

An entity of numerous titles 


Rome wasn’t built in a day, I wasn’t too 

The cries and suffering; an alarm 

For sleepless nights as fear runs in the midst of “Now” 

But to live another day; courage and strength keeps me in my toes 

Never did I let the knees bleed 


So many battles, only few victories 

Everything has left an impression; Not all pleasant 

But I can feel it, the dawn is near 

As a glimpse of light passes through the abyss 


To the voice I make my way 

Atop the stairway; Only a few dares to climb 

I Gaze upon the majestic place; the throne room 

“So you’ve come in search of something that many failed 

The journey has just begun, you are one among the few” 


“The real question is, are you worthy to sit on the throne? 

No one is inferior, No one is superior 

But something hinders the very thought of many 

Only when you truly understand, the throne shall unveil itself 


Fleeting Wanderer


The wanderer of sky over sea 

Fleets in this tiny world in see (sight seeing) 

Made of many and its downfall a merry 

Making our vision blurry 


What was in waves is now in sky, fluffy and puffy 

Impossible to cuddle inside; To be comfy 

But there is a place in our hearts: Home Sweet Home  

Nestling under our little dome 


Little by little it reaches its altitude 

As destiny has planned by latitude and longitude 

But it will float in a course by its carrier (wind)

Its spirit runs free; passing barriers (One place to another)


During the travel; Humongous bonds and ties of friendship are formed 

But so broken by the actions inside being rattled and stormed (weight disturbing it) 

So the bridge is linked between the two messengers 

Connected with emotions of fury (storms) or sorrow (tears) or happiness (gentle drops)  


Natures bounty is off limits in this world 

And the blurred image is sweetened in the suns field (sun rays-rainbow) 

Craving a path for the rainbow 

And forming a mirror (puddle) for the wanderer 

Unconscious World

The people I’ve met, the emotions I’ve felt
All these memories carries my Identity
And every senses, project itself into a physical form
By reflecting the ray of light and darkness
Of Rage or Jealousy; Fear or Anxiety; Content or Joy; Amusement or Pride:
This intuition far beyond to comprehend
Manipulating Space and time; the mind creates a Universe

Thoughts Integrate! A sea both Serene and Stormy Collide
An unpredictable journey unveils
To this unconscious world I travel consciously
This place another home, where my spirit runs free
I am an entity existing in two places
Past Present or Future : Paradox Himself

Here in this world
Once the city now a ruins, once the ruins now a desert, once the desert again a city  
But the people I’ve met the emotions I’ve felt is real  
Which have become a integral part of me 
And Regardless of Where I am
There is no world without them/it

Past Present on Future (Depending on where I want to go; Future refers to my thought of the future)


All creatures of the wild 
Neither you nor I; we are special in a way of our own 
Having abilities far greater than we can imagine 
Reaching and seeking far beyond our limits 
Superiority of our speciality; The greatest responsibility 
To keep our ancestors proud and pass our abilities to our next generation 
And surely I will thank the lord when I meet him for creating us in a special way 
My younger brother slick and slimy 
Slithering beside me slower than ever  
Buffeted by the winds of the almighty cheetah’s speed 
Our worst enemy of our family history 
No one can compete with my brother-not even I 
But I’m better protected with my thicker shell 
Passing my life through the centuries that the lord as given me 


From the courtyard atop the Earths Fort (Tree) 
I gaze upon one of the twin lights 
Scintillating between the dancing leaves 
The great ball of Ice in the darkest Realm 
Void everything drifts apart like this part of me 
Attached yet detached the intangible thread that connects (gravity) 
But you my friend stand proud 
Joyfully playing; aided by your radiant twin (Light from the sun to play side and seek ) 
A perception from afar, deep down a complete entity 
A heavenly body with a soul watching over eternity 
I shall whisper a name to you forbidden to all 
Whom she matches your gleaming glow 
Is it You in human form? 
In the neighbourhood, far away 
Somehow near in my sight 
But this pain, in your absence, the new moons phase 
Doesn’t prick, doesn’t hurt, a breakdown 
My heart, in a wild goose chase 
I Can’t think straight, My Thoughts have no clarity  
A part of me missing, You 
Longing to fill the hole, a glimpse of your presence 
Blissful you’ve made my day 
So, who am I to you, a predator? 
You haven’t got to know me to make your final decision 
 I’m afraid to take a step, the very fear of denial 
To lose her, a precious gem 
Sparkling in pitch black water 
The reflection that has caught my eye 
A distorted image, a slight imperfection that makes you perfect 
My heart pounds just as the tides rise and fall 
Saying I’m not dead, yet, there is a life ahead 
Gathering the Courage  
One day my darkest secrets yours and yours, mine 
The moments of now in the unexpected future, I Will ask your hands over marriage  
Till then its our little secret, Luna! 
Her Name, her identity known only to You! 


Stricken by fear and panic
Even the greatest warriors fall by an unforeseen enemy
For their spirit is shaken at first
Knocking the Wall of Defense
With heightened response its flight or fight
To prevent or to cure; still victims of a dreadful time
It is never about the strong nor the weak
But to stay strong in the time of the weak

Beyond the wall; Exposed
Unbearable pain manifests; A sufferer
Of (Either or both) physical and emotional pain
To be the one or see your loved one in distress
This of course is the material world; everything is felt

Though amid this chaos the world sleeps peacefully
As it was handed over to be taken care of
In the hands of services of Nations Pride.
All those scarifies will not die in vain!

No enemy to be taken likely
Divided and Conquering it spreads like wildfire
And in the same time we mustn’t be taken aback
United we stand (apart) to extinguish it in its path

The storm will pass; its a matter of faith n control
Till then To hold down the Fort is the task at hand
So that the World may wake up again
Not in the battlefield but at home where it should be.